So how does a little hole-in-the-wall chili parlor in Old Town Alexandria grow into a popular regional chain?

One reason: Our food. FULL MENU >>

One day in 1980, Hard Times starting serving chili, chili macs, burgers, wings, ribs, nachos, chicken sandwiches and some onion rings, and we haven't stopped growing since.

We owe it all to our great food and your loyalty.

Fred and Jim Parker were new to the restaurant business back when they opened Old Town Alexandria Hard Times in 1980. But somehow, they put out some really good food that people kept coming back for.

That's why we call it "All the Food You Love to Eat". Some people come for the chili. Others for the Hard Times grilled wings and our great char-grilled burgers. No matter what you come for, we'll always make sure it's made to your liking.

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Want to make some of our delicious chili at home? Buy our Chili Mixes Here!

Thanks for being a Hard Times fan.

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